Gotta start somewhere

If you were to ask me a couple of years ago what i had planned for the future, you would have heard me repeat over and over - that i was going to build an empire. The power of words coupled with the power of the mind gave this idea legs, and here we are walking into 2021 - independent. Separate from what i thought I needed to help catapult into a career that i've worked really hard at. I spent countless hours with little or no sleep to make sure that i'm doing and have done my absolute best to make you happy. I mean after-all, i'm placing my art on your body forever. My journey didn't start off with with this career changing idea. It stemmed from a conversation i had with some friends. I also had just paid this guy an obscene amount of money and decided that i would figure this thing out because i no longer wanted to pay anyone else to tattoo me. And from that point forward, i would continue to expand my knowledge and ink people up, even when i had no clue about anything.

I have spend countless hours trying to navigate and figure this webpage stuff out. I included this section so that you, the reader, can get an inside view of who i am, and why i love what i do. This process has been a slow process. But slow and steady has proven that it's worth the pace. When i close this out and save my edits, i pray that they all will save and when i wake up tomorrow everything i did will have saved and it will look like i actually know what i'm doing here.

I'm glad we are on this journey together. Buckle up, because this ride has definitely not been without its bumps - some funny, and some, well, not so funny - but never the less interesting.

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