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Meet The Team


As a lifelong artist, Candy has taken her love for art and turned it into a way of life. With her love for detail, this artist will transform your ideas into a life long reality.


Her approach is constantly evolving, as she hones her personal style into individualized art that meets your vision. No matter what, Candy Shoppe approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.


Rhyan Schouman


Award-winning guest artist Rhyan Schouman is from the California tattoo scene. He travels the greater part of the year doing the convention circuit and is best known for his realism, black and grey, and custom Lettering… he is always pushing the envelope. His latest venture Has been mural painting, most recently in his hometown of upland California.  You can reach him on Instagram, For appointments or inquiries.


Holly Reynolds - Apprentice 


In her own words: I have always like lines and shapes and was amazed with what could be drawn by my mother. I soon followed with making my own expression of what I saw in the world through my hands. I have tried every median of art and atlas with skin and ink found my passion. What started as a Hobbie is turning into a full-blown love for this new canvas. Holly is the new shop apprentice. Full of vigor and might, she is eager to learn and get her career started.  She will have some upcoming specials available for those who are interested,  follow her on Instagram!